Monday, April 8, 2013

May Term Madness

Salut mes amis!

May Term is one of my favorite features of Westminster. If you're enrolled as a full-time student for the entire year, you get 2 free May Term credits per semester (so, 2 units for Fall semester + 2 units for Spring semester = 4 free May Term credits!). During the month of May, fun elective classes are taught by Westminster professors and staff. You can choose to take classes for your particular major or just by what interests you! 

Here are some examples of classes being taught this May:
  • Death & Dying
  • Ceramic Jewelry
  • Art, Perception, and the Brain
  • Media & Democracy
  • Autism: Awareness or Epidemic? (I took this class my freshman year - it's amazing!)
  • Not for Kids: Carroll's Alice
  • Victorian Murders
  • Vegan Revolution
  • Poker: Interdisciplinary Approach
...among others! There are so many classes to choose from, it's a little insane. If classes isn't your thing, another option is to enroll in a May Term Study Experience! The name says it all: you can earn college credit (or's up to you!) by taking a trip. All you have to do is pay the travel expenses! You can see a list of the 2013 MTSE's right here.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I'm going to be going on the "American in Paris" May Term trip this year, which leaves in less than three weeks

Note: Some colleges have a version of May Term but in January, sometimes referred to as "Jan Term" or Winter Term.


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